API Testing

01 Nov

Our Agile Testing Framework

Agile Development: Fragile Deliverables Agile Development is great, it’s how we build for most of our clients. But, it can have its challenges, like:  Weak Acceptance Criteria (Documentation Aversion): Stories created in a sprint often lack enough detail for QA to build proper acceptance criteria. Inadequate Test Coverage: With continuous integration and changing…

05 Oct

7 Best Practices for REST API’s

Early on in my career, I understood that a coder needs to evolve quickly and continuously, or they'll become obsolete. Aside from being in one of the most dynamic career fields, I also realized that staying relevant in this fast-paced and competitive enviornment– it's always was good to evangelize best practices. At SourceFuse, it's an ongoing endeavor for my team and me to…