According to Research and Markets , the global text to speech market software is projected to more than double by 2027, with a CAGR growth of 15.3%


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This growth is largely being driven by the increased demand for the text to speech (TTS) feature to make the internet more accessible to everyone, especially those with visual or speech impairments, and reading or learning difficulties. For foreign language students, or simply for multitasking on-the-go readers, custom application development for mobile devices has made the adoption of TTS applications much more accessible.

Early versions of TTS, although understandable, were rather artificial-sounding (think Stephen Hawking) – but TTS technology has come a long way!

In this post, we explore how Amazon Polly is transforming speech-enabled products, along with some real examples of how it’s used in business today.

What is Amazon Polly?


Amazon Polly, from Amazon Web Services is a cloud service that converts text into lifelike speech enabling developers to create applications that can talk as well as many speech-enabled products. Used in conjunction with other AWS Services, Amazon Polly can be incorporated within different speech-activated applications. For example, an e-learning environment:

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Amazon Polly uses deep learning technologies to create natural-sounding human speech in dozens of languages, male or female, and in adult or child English. 

When we speak, humans naturally adjust tone, volume, speed, and pitch according to the context or audience, with many subtle nuances. While standard TTS comes to know and replicate certain speech intonation patterns, Amazon Polly also offers neural TTS (NTTS) technology, leveraging machine learning to acquire these speech nuances.

This provides ground-breaking improvements in the quality of synthesizing text into speech, for example, a Newscaster text to voice generator. In addition, organizations can create their own exclusive custom NTTS voice that aligns with their audience, using Amazon Polly Brand Voice.

Data Security and Compliance

In order to continually improve and develop machine-learning capabilities of Amazon Polly plus other AWS AI technologies, content processed and stored on Amazon Polly provides a valuable cache of data. So, what assurances are there that your content will remain private and secure?

Firstly, you always own your data. Any use of content is for the sole aim of improving the quality of the Amazon Polly customer experience, but is only ever done with consent.

Secondly, Amazon Web Services places your data privacy and security as one of its highest priorities. All data is encrypted whether at rest or in transit, and AWS provides some of the most advanced security services to prevent, detect, and respond to unauthorized access. For example, AWS Identity and Access Management, AWS Security Hub, AWS Shield, and Amazon Detective, etc.

When an organization engages an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner such as SourceFuse, not only can the catalog of AWS services and tools be leveraged, additional security and compliance assurances may be integrated.

Just like AWS, SourceFuse takes data security extremely seriously, providing GDPR and HIPAA compliant and ISO 27001 certified solutions and services. The company is also proud to be partnered with global cybersecurity leader Trend Micro, experts in delivering better, faster detection and response to internet security breaches. With Trend Micro as an AWS Advanced Security Competency Partner, this allied approach enables SourceFuse to implement robust data security throughout the client’s cloud infrastructure, automating security best practices, and incident response plans.

But don’t just take our word for it – here are just a few examples where SourceFuse has incorporated Amazon Polly into its bespoke and secure cloud-based solutions.

Amazon Polly in Action: Use Cases

  • Telescope Health
    A customized cloud-based telehealth application consolidating Telescope Health’s full range of services into a centralized platform. Embedding Amazon Polly TTS, real-time audio-visual patient consultations with live chat improves the healthcare experience.
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  • SF Medic
    HIPAA compliant AI-enabled telemedicine solution featuring real-time messaging with language translation. Amazon Polly converts TTS enabling doctors and patients to listen to a text message for a more personalized patient consultation.
  • One Call RelayRIDE
    An innovative non-emergency medical transport application, a first of its kind in healthcare transportation solutions integrating a combination of Amazon Connect and Amazon Polly to send automated phone calls.
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