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About The App

Relay Transport is an application built to seamlessly manage transportation for workers’ compensation claims. It makes it easy for Insurance companies, Employers and OneCall Care Management to schedule, manage and review transportation for their injured workers. As multi-platform application, Relay has injured worker & administrative apps developed for iOS and Android and Web platforms. Relay Transport is poised to change the industry because it’s easy to use and provides transparency where there previously was none.


One Call Care Management, Inc. was founded in 1993 in Jacksonville, Florida and provides specialized cost containment services to the workers’ compensation industry in the United States. Manual processes, lack of pricing transparency and validation in the transportation business led to the inception of Relay Health application.

Relay is working on the philosphy of having patients access the system on the move by providing iOS and Android apps, and having admins on SPA in browser while getting real time notifications of the action items on their end.

Relay idea

Wireframe to actual Design illustration

The Technology

Relay is a multi-tenant application which is built on top of open source technologies, Backend – ExpressJS; Database – PostgreSQL; Frontend – AngularJS; Real time communication – PubNub; Telephony – Twilio and

The app provides reliable and affordable transportation for workers’ compensation by integrating with Uber and Lyft (APIs). iOS and Android native apps are provided on the patient side of the system for real time updates and transportation tracking as well booking appointments on the go. PubNub is being used for Real-Time updates to patients and organization admins. Relay is HIPAA compliant and deployed on AWS dedicated servers.

“Our project Relay needed the ingenuity and expertise to navigate uncharted land when it came to integrating with Uber and Lyft. SourceFuse built us a new standalone product and seamlessly integrated it with our existing systems.”

Joe McCullough, One Call Care Management

The Result

An intuitive application with a user-friendly interface for One Call, its clients and injured workers alike. It provides ability to track transportation details from scheduling to completion, along with transparency that is unmatched – Making One Call the most cutting edge in the industry.

Relay result
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Last updated: October 16, 2017
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